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Ambassador Sanjay Panda's talk at Turkish Think-Tank SDE on 28.06.21

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Panda, Ambassador of India: “A New Formula Based on Justice and Equality is Needed”

Indian Ankara Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Panda spoke at the conference titled “Post-Pandemic International Order: Challenges and Opportunities” held at SDE.

28 June 2021 18:16

Addressing 62 students of the International Diplomacy School, which was organized in cooperation with the Institute for Strategic Thinking (SDE) and the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), Panda drew attention to the historical transformation of diplomacy. Stating that the most important condition for the diplomacy to adapt to the conditions of the day correctly is a multi-faceted communication process in which national interests are taken into account, the Ambassador emphasized that the world has become communication-centered with globalization and underlined that in today's world, no country can isolate itself in the world.

Pointing out that the first duty of each state in the post-pandemic international system is to 'effort', Panda emphasized that the pandemic process experienced in the world today is the biggest shock since the second world war, and pointed out that global cooperation is very important in this process. Stating that these difficulties can be overcome in the light of scientific data, Panda stated that stability can be achieved with the recovery of the economy and emphasized that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how difficult the process.

Evaluating the debates around globalization and localization in his speech, Ambassador stated that policies based on globalization and localization should be handled as a whole, rather than focusing on an approach on its own. Panda, drawing attention to the digitalization experienced at the point reached today, stated that technology has adapted to every point of life and that avoiding this situation should be considered as an opportunity. Stating that the pandemic can be overcome with vaccination, Ambassador pointed out that as long as everyone is safe, no one can achieve stability, and added that cooperation is important in order to survive in the world of uncertainty.

Emphasizing the importance of regional and international cooperation, the Ambassador underlined that the pandemic has shown humanity the deficiencies in the international system and that the world needs a new formula based on justice and equality. The Ambassador concluded his speech by conveying the initiatives of India to the students of the international diplomacy school.