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Talking Point for the Ambassador's Speech at SDE conference titled'India in the Changing World' on July 04, 2019

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India in a Changing World
(SDE, 4 July 2019)

President SavasKafkasyali, Hon’ble MP Efkan Ala, Arshi Khan, dear friends

  1. Delighted, we need more discussions on India-Türkiye relations
  2. PM Modi-Pres Erdogan had 5th meet 29Jun G20, Türkiye is a valued friend, we have time tested relations; discussed defence/CT/trade/investments
  3. Positive momentum in bilateral relations in recent years; yet, potential is much greater
  4. We need to focus on deeper political-strategic understanding; foundation for wider economic engagement with new targets for more trade and investments
  5. Had addressed forum recently- spoke on transformational changes in India/rich diversity/India has growing hard power &our soft powerbecoming more popular in other countries
  6. GDP $2.6tn (6th), growth rate 7.5%, Population 1.3bn, Military strength 4th, Space power used for development;India also land of Yoga, Gandhi, society based on pluralism and tolerance

Era of Change

  1. One of the most transformational epochs in history; major trends
  2. 1 Alienation: growth detached from people, inequity in access, lack of representation
  3. 2 Leapfrogging development by new powers: technology, innovation, knowledge
  4. 3 Hold back by oldpowers: protectionism, sanctions, conflict, institutionalstructurespost-WWII

Emergence of Asia and concept of Indo-Pacific

  1. Shift of economic gravity from Atlantic to Asia (and emerging Africa)
  2. Economic growth: Japan (1960s-80s), Asian tigers (1980s), China (1990s), India (sustained)
  3. Rising integration& cooperationin Asia –FTAs, RCEP provide greatermarket access, link through global supply chains, technology flows; focus on connectivity;collaboration on non traditionalsecurity-piracy, HADR
  4. Strategic convergence:Asia experienced widening circles of cooperation; Strategic- Abe (confluence of oceans, Pacific and Indian bringing freedom & prosperity); Obama (pivot to Asia); Trump endorsement (Free &Open Indo-Pacific and business links, provided counter narrative to BRI); India (SAGAR-security and growth for all in region); Indonesia(global maritime fulcrum); Australia (open and stable IP)
  5. Extra regional organisations IORA, Asia Africa Growth Corridor, TPP, Asia-Europe, 6 Asian countries (+Türkiye/Australia)in G-20
  6. [IP – 38+ countries, 44% area, 65% population, 62% GDP, 42% merchandisetrade]

Where India fits in

  • India provides civilisational experience, values and principles, alternate model of development, friendly relations with all countries, not part of bloc/alliance
  • Democracy: vibrant-largest democracy, strong & stable institutions people have faith in
  • Demography: 1.3 billion popn is strength, empowered, 60% youth
  • Development: stable eco, G-20, GDP $ 5tn by 2015, high growth, innovation, confidence
  • Globalisation: India fully involved in discussions on global integration – multilateral approach to trade anddevelopment, technology flows.  Also engaged on global issues likeclimate, terrorism, etc. Today’sbig issues include digital connectivity, 4IR, AI, etc.  30m diaspora asset.
  • Institutional mechanisms: India has concept of expanding neighbourhood and policies (Act East, Look West) to achieve deeper exchanges and connections; growing focus on regional cooperation, especially economic exchanged (SAARC, BIMSTEC, ASEAN+, EAS, RCEP, IORA, AAGC), other links (SCO, BRICS, RIC, JAI, Quad, FIPIC)
  • Transformation in India provides greater capacity and ability to contribute to efforts
  • Foreign Policy: strategic autonomy,India needs the world & the world needs India
  • Parameters of new global order:
  • Open, inclusive, transparent,
  • sovereignty, territorial integrity,
  • respect for international law, rule-based, freedom of navigation and overflight,
  • democratic values and principles such as good governance,
  • sustainable development
  • Working together, India and Türkiye can make the world a more prosperous, safer and happier place
  • India and Türkiye are natural partners in 21st century