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The web links for the list of the universities in Turkey:




Name and contact details of Embassy officials handling student related matters:

(1)       Mr. N. Yobin
           Assistant Consular Officer
           Tel: (O) +90-312-4382195 (Extn. 111)
           E-Mail: cons2.ankara@mea.gov.in
(2)       Dr. Aditya Jha
           First Secretary (Cons & Info)
           Tel: (O) +90-312-4382195 (Extn. 114)
           E-Mail: cons.ankara@mea.gov.in

Travel advisory:

1) Against the backdrop of the coup attempt in Turkey and terror attacks in Ankara and Istanbul in the past few months, Indian nationals resident in/visiting Turkey are requested to be extremely careful and vigilant and to avoid crowded places, demonstrations/rallies and large gatherings. Please follow instructions of local authorities, and carry your passport with you.Travel to parts of Turkey along the border with Syria, Iraq and Iran may be avoided.  In case of emergency or any difficulty, please contact Embassy in Ankara/Consulate in Istanbul).

 2) Indian nationals studying in Turkey are advised to register themselves with Embassy in Ankara/Consulate in Istanbul.

Other important linkshttp://passport.gov.in/npor/index.html

Useful documents/reports :

Student Registration Module

A “Student Registration Module”  was added to the “MADAD” portal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of India,  which facilitates registration of Indian Students studying abroad.  This portal also provides basic guidance on how students can register themselves on this module. This can be accessed at the address https://portal2.madad.gov.in/AppConsular/welcomeLink . Indian students residing in Turkey are requested to register themselves on the Student Registration Module of “MADAD” portal, so as to get benefitted from student related services provided by our Mission.


Advisory on fake Employment offers, allegedly from Turkish companies

It has been noticed that Indian nationals have been receiving fake Employment offers, allegedly from Turkish companies.  The offers ask applicants to deposit money for processing Turkish residence / work permits.  The companies are also sending fake travel documents to Indian nationals.  Indian nationals receiving such offers may kindly check the credentials of the concerned companies before accepting the offer.