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IDY 2019 Press Release-June 22, 2019

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Embassy of India


The 5th International Day of Yoga (IDY-2019) was celebrated at Segmenler Park, Ankara on 22 June with the participation of many Ankara residents, civic officials, politicians, cultural figures, diplomats and members of the Indian community.

The Observation of IDY started in 2015, following a decision of the United Nations to Observe 21 June as the day dedicated to Yoga, which was co-sponsored by 177 countries, including Turkey. The decision at UN came at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who proposed this in his speech to the UN General Assembly on September 2014. 

Like previous years, millions of people in over 200 countries are expected to participate in the IDY this year also. There will be many centers which will be celebrating IDY-2019 inh Turkey-

21 June: Antalya-Yoga by the Sea – At Spice Resort
22 June: Ankara- Yoga in the Park- At Segmenlar Park
22 June- Mersin- Yoga in the Sun- At Sun Temple
22 June- Istanbul- Yoga in Soccar Field- At Kalamis Park
22 June – Istanbul- Yoga in the Mall- At Akbati Centre
23 June- Izmir- Yoga in the Park- At Kultur Park

Yoga was developed in India but is now practiced across the World.  Yoga offers numerous rewards that improves our health and secures peace of mind. It improves our performance at workplace, has a positive impact on our personal relationships and helps us to maintain harmony with the surroundings in which we live. Yoga has something to offer to everyone, be it a hopeful child, an aspiring youth, a parent, or senior citizens. IDY is already the greatest mass movement for public health in India.  Participating in it is an inspiring way to get introduced to Yoga.

Be a part of IDY-2019. IDY is for all of us. Yoga can be the start of a journey towards good health and well-being.

22 June 2019