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Blog 14 (07/19)

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Celebrating ITEC and ICCR

The best part of diplomacy is when you connect with people. It enriches your experience about the country and its people, brings you closer to its customs and traditions, and very often gains you friends.  India has emphasized people-to-people contacts not only as a corollary of our civilisational experience but because of the importance we attach to human capacity building in our development process.

A major item in our development assistance and technical cooperation toolkit is the India Technical and Economic Cooperation programme. Started in 1964, ITEC is our window to sharing our development experiences with other developing countries and promoting South-South cooperation. ITEC provides civilian and military training, deputation of experts, development projects, humanitarian assistance and collaborations with regional and multilateral organizations. It shares space with ICCR’s academic exchange programmes.

ITEC and ICCR have been under implementation in Turkey for decades and have almost 350 alumni, in different government departments and walks of life. Barefoot College in Tilonia trained Solar Mamas, who are now working with Syrian refugees. Turkish officials have attended programmes run by the Election Commission sharing our democratic traditions. Most recently, yoga enthusiasts have been trained in India and the first Ayurveda student has traveled to India to bring back our practice of traditional medicines.

The Embassy celebrated ITEC Day in Ankara with a huge turnout of ITEC alumni and ICCR and Hindi scholars. The connection runs deep as many have benefited from the programme they attended and everyone enjoyed their stay in India. A few came with spouses, reflecting their love for India, and many planned to visit India again to explore more of the country.  They all had interesting anecdotes of their courses and visits in India, which became more colourful with the pictures and videos they shared that evening. To make them feel at home, MmeBilgi and her Turkish students performed an fabulous Indian dance show and everyone enjoyed the Indian menu for dinner. The ITEC and ICCR alumni are truly the Turkish Ambassadors of India in Turkey!