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Blog 11 (04/2019)

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Green earth and tree planting  

The surroundings of our Embassy in Ankara are enhanced by the beautiful trees in the Botanical Gardens that neighbor us. We started FY 2019-20 on a happy note planting trees in the Embassy garden. Soon we should have cherry blossoms along the walkway and a new pine grove. Aided by our able gardeners Mustafa and Urzkhan, all my colleagues planted trees too. Dr Raj @ Cycle Baba, a cyclist going around the world, joined our efforts for a greener world.  We also reached out to YildirimBiyazitUniversity for the planting of 150 trees to commemorate Gandhi@150 with support of çubuk municipality. It was a special occasion with wide participation of faculty and students from the University, Mayor and officials from çubuk and MFA colleagues. The appeal of Gandhi is amazing and always evokes an eager and positive response. It’s as if he is still around and people are waiting to follow the guidance of the savior.