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Blog No.07/2018

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It was a cloudy day with cold winds but we were keen to visit Catalhoyuk. The Neolithic site near Konya, maybe 9000 years old, had been admitted as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Scrambling through the countryside we reached a large mound with an ultramodern plexiglass shed. A set of huts and maps welcomed us. 

A kindly security guard, in the absence of a guide, escorted us through the complex, telling us about the features in chaste Turkish, which we followed not a word of! We started off with the museum which told the story of these ancient people settling down from nomadic to agricultural life. More interesting was the involvement of the local inhabitants from nearby villages in this project, bringing them a sense of pride and association with the rich heritage.

What we saw, left us amazed. A new civilization was in the making and they were getting used to agriculture, society, village life, art and culture. The entire mound was probably covering an old settlement and only parts were excavated. The houses were at several levels and there was an intricate pattern of pathways and stairs connecting the roofs of the buildings. An unusual feature (as in Gobeklitepe) was the absence of doors on the walls of the buildings, they would climb ladders and climb down to their homes through an opening in the roof!