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Blog No.05/2018 (21 November, 2018)

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Mahatma Gandhi and bilateral economic engagement 

When the Turkish independence struggle was at its peak, immediately after World War I, Indians, both Hindu and Muslim, mobilized by Mahatma Gandhi, had contributed financially to the movement. Some of these funds were used for the establishment of Is Bank in Turkey, which spawned a range of commercial and manufacturing entities, including Sisecam, a glass making company. 

I visited the Sisecam float glass factory in Polatli, in the vicinity of Ankara, and spent the day with their management and workers. Their state-of-the-art plant uses high technology in all aspects of production ensuring efficiency and perfection. I was amazed at how the molten glass floats on a bed of molten tin and how it is stretched out to produce sheets of flat glass, used in auto and construction sectors. 

Sisecam, one of the largest glass makers in the world, have recently started operations in India. They have taken over an existing factory and will soon establish a new line, besides modernizing the existing one, to build capacity in high quality glass products. The collaboration with the Turkish giant will be mutually beneficial. Exciting times ahead for #MakeinIndia and our growing needs.