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Fashion Show- The Indian Dream

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Embassy of India organized a fashion show at India House on January 16, 2020, to promote the Silk fabrics of Benaras and Bengal. The show “The Indian Dream” was designed by Turkish fashion designer Ahmet Ozceyhan. The collection consisted of unique designs featuring a colorful bouquet of Indian motifs resplendent with gold and silver threads on finely woven silk fabrics from the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The vast variety and excellence of Indian silks have been given a new form through the vision of the designer. His artistic genius forms a melodic “Indian Dream” reinterpreting and recreating the traditional Indian drape of the iconic Indian garment, the saree, in a contemporary and modern line. Since 1970, Ozceyhan has presented over 70 national and 39 international fashion shows around the world and received many national and international awards.