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Indian Ambassador Panda's admiration for Izmir

Posted on: September 07, 2021 | Back | Print

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Indian Ambassador Panda's admiration for Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer welcomed Indian Ambassador to Ankara Sanjay Panda, who came to the city for the first time, in his office. While ideas for strengthening relations were shared during the visit, Ambassador Panda expressed his appreciation for the city and shared a picture of the sunset he took.


Published: 22:18 - 03 September 2021

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer hosted Indian Ambassador to Ankara Sanjay Panda in his office. Ambassador Panda and Metropolitan Mayor Soyer, who will also participate in the Izmir International Fair (IEF) held for the 90th time this year, wished that good relations would continue in the future.

Panda, who said that he came to Izmir for the first time and liked the city very much, also showed the sunset picture he took from Kordon. Panda stated that they wished to come to Izmir with a large delegation, but were unable to implement these thoughts due to the exit bans imposed in India due to the corona virus pandemic.


Recalling the sister city relationship between Mumbai and Izmir, Panda proposed to organize India Week in Izmir in 2022, noting the celebrations to be held for the 75th anniversary of India's liberation.

Panda stated that indian food, dances, cinema and cultural activities will be useful for the promotion of his country, and that he thinks the event will create a festive atmosphere in Izmir.

Panda said that they aimed to participate in the first IEF in the normal period after the pandemic with a large delegation, and that they had received the efficiency of this in trade and many other issues in previous years. The host, Metropolitan Mayor Soyer, said he was very happy with the ambassador's visit and would support strengthening bilateral ties with India.

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