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"World Yoga Day" finale in Cappadocia

Posted on: June 25, 2021 | Back | Print

Son Haberlar

The Embassy of India in Ankara held the final program of the "World Yoga Day" event in Cappadocia

A yoga event was held in Cappadocia as part of the "World Yoga Day" by the Embassy of India in Ankara.

In the program held at the entrance of Zemi Valley in Göreme, Turkish and Indian guests exercised for 45 minutes under the direction of a yoga instructor on the mats prepared for them in the area where the platform was set up.

Sanjay Kumar Panda, the Ambassador of India to Ankara, stated to the journalists that June 21 was accepted as the "World Yoga Day" by the United Nations in 2014, with the suggestion of India, and that the final program of the event held in Turkey in this context was held in Cappadocia.

Stating that doing yoga among the unique landscape of Cappadocia is a different experience, Panda said:

"We are making the final of the yoga program, which lasts for about 5 days, in Cappadocia. It is a unique experience for us to do yoga with such a wonderful view. We did not have the opportunity to do this anywhere else in the world. The images and photographs we took here will be shared all over the world. We With this program, we aim to develop and announce tourism in Cappadocia and the region."

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