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Praise of Cappadocia from the Ambassador of India

Posted on: June 25, 2021 | Back | Print


India's Ambassador to Ankara Sanjay Kumar Panda praised Cappadocia.

Panda, who participated in the "World Yoga Day" event organized by the Indian Embassy in Cappadocia, told Anadolu Agency (AA) after the program that Anatolia, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, is rich in tourism.

Panda stated that the calm experienced in tourism areas around the world due to the epidemic has started to mobilize again with vaccination studies, and that Turkey is one of the main preferred countries

Stating that many tourists from his country will come to Turkey from next year, Panda said, "Turkey is a beautiful country with everything. It is a place where cultures come together, not only with its natural beauties, but also with its historical sites from the past. Any visitor to Turkey, He doesn't want to go to another country because he can find all the beauties, nature, history and cultural values ??together." said.

Stating that those who come to Turkey can gain many experiences as if they had made package tourism, Panda said, "There are historical artifacts and ruins from the Byzantines, Ottomans and many other civilizations. Therefore, Turkey is a point of historical richness. Cappadocia is a wonderful place for me, too. I visited many places. Cappadocia is a common heritage not only for Turkey, but for all humanity." used the phrase.

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