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Gandhi150 Tree Planting Ceremony at Yildrim Biyazit University, 04 April 2019

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Embassy of India in Collaboration with YildrimBiyazit University and Cubuk Municipality, Ankara, planted 150 trees at YildrimBiyazit University campus, on April 04, 2019. The rector of the University Prof. Dr. Metin DO?AN and the former Deputy Mayor of Cubuk Municipality Mr Zeki Metin along with the Ambassador of India Sanjay Bhattacharyya presided over the function. University students participated with great zeal in the tree plantation.

2.         The Indian Ambassador recalled Gandhi’s association with Turkey. He said that Gandhi had organized financial assistance for Turkish Nationalist Movement, medical team during Balkan war.Gandhi had a close association with Tagore who met Ataturk and received books for Vishwabharati University. It is Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. Gandhi is not only an Indian citizen but is recognized as the citizen of the world. Several events are being organized worldwide. The Indian Ambassador also reflected Gandhi’s virtues on -

  • Conflict resolution

Gandhi lived during conflicts, wars; Colonial period under Britain, India’s indepencence movement. Conflict all around shaped his experiences, but his philosophy was tremendously influenced by India’s hertage/philosophy. He believed in  defining terms of conflict and its resolution through peaceful means. His belief in truth (Satyagraha) & non-violence (Ahimsa) as two sides of same coin; an active force, not passive

  • Harmony with nature, technology, resolve conflicts within

He believed in resolving conflicts between the natural flow of nature and development of society. The technology tends to move too fast for society to adapt, create conflict. He believed in putting man at the centre, promoting his empowerment and ability to create harmony and live in harmony. He said the ‘Earth has enough for everyman’s need, but not for everyman’s greed’.

  • Building of community

He sought a way of life in conformity with our environment – nature, heritage, development, interaction. He advocated simple, slow, small changes. He was not against change but rather to develop process for harmonious change. He drew from his experiments with Tolstoy farm and Phoenix in South Africa and many Ashrams in India

3.         The Ambassador of India also presented a book on Gandhi to the rector YildrimBiyazit University, Prof. Dr.Metin DO?AN.

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