Emergency Certificate Emergency Certificate


An Emergency Certificate (one way travel document) which authorizes an Indian national to enter India is issued 

  • to an Indian citizen whose passport has been lost, stolen or damaged 
  • Who has to travel back urgently and issuing of new passport is not possible in that duration 
  • Illegal immigrants who are not having travel documents and are being deported

This service is primarily extended with the objective of ensuring their return to India. The final decision of issuing an Emergency Certificate is subject to a detailed examination by the Embassy. It might also require certain clearances from the concerned authorities in India and/or the concerned Indian Missions/Posts abroad. 

  1. 2. One is required to apply online for issue of Emergency Certificate by registering himself/herself at https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/externalicon.

Documents required

  1. Online submitted application form
  2. Two passport size photographs
  3. Photocopy of Indian Passport

Fee:USD 17.00