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Fraud Calls

Posted on: May 28, 2019 | Back | Print

Incidents of fraud calls have been reported in Turkey where persons pretending to call from Indian Embassy, inform the Indians in Turkey that they are in trouble as they entered wrong data (date of birth) in the immigration from while entering Turkey. They threaten that because of the wrong entry, their stay in Turkey is illegal entailing a heavy penalty. 

They also pretend to know everybody in the Indian Embassy and force the individual to pay the penalty charges online through Western Union Money transfer, to settle the case.

This is a racket prevalent in many countries where Indians are in large numbers. Since the calls are spoofed, the true caller will show the calling number as Indian Embassy number.

All Indians are hereby alerted not to fall prey to these fraud calls. In case of any doubt, they should immediately contact the Embassy. The Embassy or the Immigration Department of Turkey would never make such calls asking individuals to transfer cash online.