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Indian PM Modi: Love and solidarity will save us from ascendıng terror

Modi also drew attention to the danger people face in their daily lives at schools, hospitals, workplaces, and mosques as a threat to humanity. "Terrorism divides and destroys us. Indeed when terrorism and extremism have become the most destructive force of our times, the message of Sufism has global relevance. In this digital century of new promise and opportunities, the reach of terror is growing and its toll is rising every year. Since the beginning of this century, tens of thousands of families have lost their loved ones in thousands of terrorist incidents globally." Modi added that regarding Syria, "Parents in 100 countries live with the daily pain of seeing their children lost on the battlefields of Syria." He also opposed the manipulated idea that terror and religion are hand in hand with his words, "We must reject any link between terrorism and religion. Those who spread terror in the name of religion are anti-religious. And, we must advance the message of Sufism that stands for the principles of Islam and the highest human values. This is a task that states, societies, sages, scholars and families must pursue. These values are important to preserve and nurture diversity in our societies. Diversity is a basic reality of nature and source of richness of a society, and it should not be a cause of discord."

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