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Indian Ambassador to Ankara We dont want war with Pakistan, however

CNN Türk: (Placed 19.03.07)

Mentioning to keep a close watch on Pakistan’s steps against terrorist groups, Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Indian Ambassador to Ankara said: “We never talked about war. We don’t want war, however we will fight terrorism.”

Bhattacharyya hold a press conference at the embassy regarding developments in the tension his country is experiencing with Pakistan.

Stating that India is closely watching the process in the mounting tension after the February 14 terrorist attack, Bhattacharyya explained: “We never talked about war. We have watched Pakistan’s steps. Forty terrorists on the international sanctions list have been arrested. We don’t want war, however we will fight terrorism.”

Indicating not to be sure whether Pakistan genuinely will continue the path it took, Bhattacharyya said: “In the past we have seen that such people were released soon after their arrest.”

They have to pay attention to the warnings”

Indian Ambassador to Ankara: We don’t want war with Pakistan, however…

Mentioning that if Pakistan doesn’t take the needed steps to fight terrorism it could be “placed on the black list” by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Bhattacharyya said that this country has to pay attention to the warnings of the United Nations and the FATF.

Bhattacharyya reminded that the FATF, an intergovernmental body constituted in 1989 aims at “promoting effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other related threats to the integrity of the international financial system.”

Drawing attention to the bilateral agreements with Pakistan such as the Lahore Declaration in 1999 and the Non-Nuclear Aggression Agreement of 1991, Bhattacharyya said that these agreements require an immediate freeze of their assets, an arms embargo and bans on these terrorist groups.

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