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Hurriyet, Poasta, CNN Turk amp Vatan 01.03.19 (Ambassador of India to Turkey speaks to CNN Turk)

Ambassador of India to Turkey speaks to CNN Turk

Hürriyet:    (Placed 19.02.28)        “We appreciate Turkey’s efforts”

'Türkiye’nin çabalarını takdir ediyoruz'

While the tension between India and Pakistan is still climbing, SenaAlkan, CNN Turkish diplomacy correspondent spoke with Sanjay Bhattacharyya, India’s Ambassador to Ankara.

QUESTION: What is the last status of the crisis? The eyes of the world are towards the border between Pakistan and India and it is feared that the tension will turn into a war.
BHATTACHARYYA: As India, for some hundreds of years we are facing a terrorist threat from Pakistan. This is an ongoing struggle for us. The attack on our forces at February 14 was a terrorist attack. It was a suicide attack, it was carried out by the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organization and a video about it was published prior to the attack. They have put it on websites. Another terrorist organisation, Lashkar-e-Taiba, has accepted it. These two organizations are recognized as terrorist organizations by the United Nations. They talked in Pakistan and are receiving support from Pakistan. Their leaders make statements against India. They are sitting alongside Pakistani ministers. This is a very long process. This happened next: We attained reliable evidence regarding a terror attack. Our air force hit the largest training camp of this terrorist organization. We made this strike to prevent them from attacking us and we have been very careful in order to avoid civilian losses. We did not target the Pakistani army. This was an attempted to combat terrorism. Pakistan has attacked an Indian military camp. They were successfully repelled. However, in clashes between the air force of the two countries a Pakistani jet was shot by Pakistan. An Indian jet was shot down by Pakistan too. The Pakistani side says to have one pilot indetention, we are waiting for details.

QUESTION: Is communication with the Pakistan side possible in this situation?
BHATTACHARYYA: We have an agreement with Pakistan regarding refraining from terrorist activities from its own territories or occupied regions against India. Until now Pakistan has not taken any step against terrorists coming from their own soil, on the contrary they have supported them. All international platforms are aware of this terrorist attacks. At the latest conference to combat terrorist financing in Paris Pakistan has been put on thegrey list, however some countries wanted it on the black list calling on Pakistan to takeeffective measures against terrorism. Pakistan did not take these measures however. I would like to remind that after the February 14 terrorist attack, Turkey has published a statement condemning the attack. We appreciate this, we appreciate Turkey’s efforts. Turkey is also fighting terrorism, Turkey understands us really well.

QUESTION: Some remarks are coming from Pakistan, they say we are prepared but do not want to increase the tension, they call for dialogue. What do you say about this?
BHATTACHARYYA: For dozens of years we have shown restraint, even so during this recent strike on camps of terrorist organizations, but still Pakistan does not take any step against terrorism. Now it is time for Pakistan to match-up to their words with their deeds.

QUESTION: Foreign MinisterMevlütçavuşoğlu saidtoday that we can be amediator in this crisis. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister had a number of telephone calls with çavuşoğlu. If Turkey wants to be a mediator, how would you feel about that?

BHATTACHARYYA: We know about the dialogue between Pakistan and Turkey, we too have extended communication and we have agreements with Pakistan regarding cross-border terrorism, Turkey is very well aware of this and shows respect, we call upon all countries to warn Pakistan to stop these terrorist activities.

QUESTION: Both countries have nuclear weapons, a nuclear confrontation is feared, what do you say about this?
BHATTACHARYYA: India has always been a responsible country. We have supported democracy and peace and at the same time we take our responsibility seriously towards India’s citizens, we take all effective measures towards our territorial integrity and our sovereignty.

QUESTION: Pakistan has shot down two fighter jets. One pilot has been arrested. Did you receive any news about the condition of the pilot?
BHATTACHARYYA: The Pakistan side said a pilot is in custody, we are waiting for details from Pakistan.



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