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AA Ambassadors Interview
“I am looking forward to have the close collaboration to develop our relations.”
India’s Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharyya said “I am looking forward to be in close collaboration with my counterparts/colleagues, in order to deepen our relations on the basis of three main areas like politics-security, economy and cultural collaboration.”
Ambassador of India Sanjay Bhattacharyya presented credentials to President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 04 September 2018. He has made evaluations regarding two countries’ relations to our AA reporter.
Bhattacharyya stressed that the relations between the two countries have gained momentum with the mutual visits in recent times. He said "President Erdoğan's visit to India in 2017 was an important milestone in our bilateral relations. We have signed many important agreements and put forward a forward-looking agenda."
Bhattacharyya stated that Turkey and India relations have an archaic history. He gave an example of Gandhi’s moves of mobilizing both Muslim and Hindu people in order to support Turkey’s national movement.
Economic partnership
Ambassador Bhattacharyya stated that the most important goals are the development of mutual trade and economic relations. He said  "I look forward to working closely together to deepen and improve our relations with Turkish counterparts on three main pillars: politics-security, economy and cultural cooperation."
Bhattacharyya stated that he wanted to deepen the economic partnership by increasing mutual trade and investments and emphasized that it is important to be having increased the mutual visits of the businessmen of the two countries in the last period.
Bhattacharyya stated that, India's trade volume with Turkey is 7 billion dollars, but it is fairly large economies of Turkey and India and expressed the need to increase this number.
Bhattacharyya said "I believe we have greater potential." He added “In this context, new opportunities should be explored in the fields of free trade and investment protection.”
"A new world order is needed." "Turkey and India in the 21st century has developed a multi-faceted provides dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership." Bhattacharyya added “ The two countries will have a voice in the new world order with the young population and developing institutions.”
Bhattacharyya underlined the fact that countries like Turkey and India are now more active actors in global issues.He said "We are aware of our responsibilities in this changing dynamic. There is a need of a new world order." Bhattacharyya stressed that this new global order should be pluralistic and democratic.
Cooperation in the fight against terrorism
Ambassador Bhattacharyya, drawing attention stressed that fight against terrorism is one of the common problems of Turkey and India. "We must join forces in order to combat this threat. In order to accomplish this it is needed to advancing military cooperation with Turkeyto a new level.” he said.
Bhattacharyya described Turkey as a "dynamic and rich country" and added "Turkey is a big country, and India therefore attach very great importance to our bilateral relations."
In addition to this, Bhattacharyya, noting that they understand Turkey's concerns about FETO, "There is no such thing as good or ill terrorism. Turkey's concerns are also our concerns about FETO." he said.
On the other hand Bhattacharyya also touched upon developments in the Middle East. Regarding the steps taken by Turkey at Sochi and Astana summits about Syria he commented as , "The steps taken to ensure peace and security should be welcomed."he said.

"Turkey is my second home."
Bhattacharyya said “It is only three months in Turkey but I already feel like I'm in my second home. Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich history."
Bhattacharyya stated Turkey's cultural diversity and Turkish cuisine is admirable. He also said that he thinks of Turkish people are very warm.

Number of Indian Tourists Doubled
Bhattacharyya pointed out that Turkey's increasingly  becoming destination of choice by many Indian tourists. "This year, the number of Indian touristsnearly doubled. Indians coming for their honeymoons to Turkey, is an indication of the linkage between the two countries cultures." said.
Bhattacharyya drew attention to the fact that film screenings and some cultural activities can be made to bring people together into two countries. In this context, Ambassador Bhattacharyya stated that the "India Reflections" painting competition and the "India at the Bosphorus" events will be held.
Indian Ambassador also added there will be a variety of activities throughout the year in Turkeyin scope of Mahatma Gandhi's 150th Birthday Anniversary.


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