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Indian Bihu Dance Recital on 13 July, 2018 in Ankara, Turkey

`BIHU’ Dance Recital from Embassy of India, Ankara

Anadolu Agency – 13 July, 2018
A dance recital has been organized in Akün Scene in Ankara, to celebrate 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence, hosted by Indian Ambassador Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharyya. The recital has been attended by  Director General of External Relations and European Union Coordination Office of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Mr.Ramazan çokçevik along with many art-lovers.
In the event, initiated by national anthems of both countries, Ambassador Bhattacharyya and çokçevik and spouses has performed the lamp-lighting ceremony.
Ambassador Bhattacharyya, speaking before the show, has stated the Bihu dance recital is indigenous to North-Eastern part of India.
Ambassador Bhattacharyya has stated “During these days where we celebrate 70th anniversary of India’s independence, an admirable distance has been covered on relations of two countries.”
Ambassador Bhattacharyya, underlining that he is working on strengthening his country’s relations with Turkey, has stated that opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century  can be overcome with mutual support.
çokçevik also stated culture is valuable instrument bringing societies together and have them know each other better.
The dance group perfomed after the speeches were admired by many art-lovers. 


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