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Embassy of India, located at 77 Cinnah Caddesi, 06680 çankaya, Ankara, Turkey invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from Architects/Architectural firms, henceforth referred to as `Applicants’, for short listing in respect of the project involving design for construction of residences for officials, consular area, development of landscape, security, entry/exit etc. in front of existing Chancery building and associated ancillary services in the existing Diplomatic complex on a plot of land at 77 Cinnah Caddesi, 06680 çankaya, Ankara for Embassy of India, Ankara, Turkey. The following indicative activities will need to be undertaken by the selected Applicant:

Overall planning and design of the Project which shall include preparation of settlement plan of the site, Architectural design, Landscaping, complete Interiors & furniture, other associated services, drawings and documents for all stages of the project including obtaining mandatory urban planning approvals, architectural design clearances and building permits from Chankaya Municipality, Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and Regional Commission for Natural Preservation and Heritage Conservation or any other local authorities, as may be required, preparation of tender documents based on FIDIC template or any other standard template as per local practice, tender processing and other consultancy services as would be required to be provided, as per local regulations, for design implementation during construction phase of the Project.

2. The built up area of the Project is expected to be approximately 2200 Sq. M.

3. Detailed information is available on the official website of Embassy of India, Ankara, Turkey at www.indembassyankara.gov.in.

4. EOI with all enclosures and their English translation, including its scanned PDF copy in CD/DVD needs to be submitted to Embassy of India, Ankara, Turkey on or before 10.30 a.m. on 30 November 2018. Late submissions will be summarily rejected.

5. Applicants with 10 years professional experience, registered with the appropriate statutory authorities and permitted to practice as an Architect/ Architectural Firm in Turkey, are requested to submit documents for evaluation of their eligibility. Eligible applicants will be further evaluated through a two step process and will be ranked for short listing up to a maximum of 8 Applicants. Details of eligibility criteria and selection process are given at http://www.indembassyankara.gov.in/cgi.php?id=Trade

6. As the next step of the process, short listed Applicants will be given the Design Brief of the Project for submission of their respective Concept Design and Financial Proposal for selection of the Project Architect.


Introduction to Project.

Ref.- RFQ No. RAJBOS0008 Dt. 31.10.2018 Due Dt. 12.11.2018 (E-tender)

Item- Supply and I&C of Module Cleaning System for 75MW Solar PV power plant at GIPCL Charanka, Gujarat

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Electronics Division, Bengaluru has the requirement of above mentioned item.
In this regard, BHEL has floated an open tender on 31.10.2018.

The complete tender document (comprising of technical specification, forms to be filled up, terms / conditions, instructions for tender
submission etc.) has been uploaded to following websites:

1. BHEL EPS website - https://bhel.abcprocure.com/ , click on search, type the RFQ no. in keyword, click search, list will appear and click on the RFQ no. for tender details. Event ID is 10525

2. http://www.bhel.com/tender/view_tender.php?tenderid=42009

Kindly note that the tender is due on 12.11.2018, 13:00:00 Hrs. (IST) Please submit your offer on e-tender portal https://bhel.abcprocure.com/

This is for your kind information so that you can explore participation in the tender.

Global Tender Inquiry Notice to be published in your country || 8 - Pur ||

Forwarding Letter.

Tender Inquiry Notice.

Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV system for GIPCL 75MW, GSFC 10 MW and GACL 20 MW Solar PV power plants at Gujarat Solar Park on EPC basis

Supply and I&C of FCBC and Tubular Lead acid battery for 10 MW SPV Plant, GSFC, Charanka, Gujarat

Supply and I&C of FCBC and Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid battery for 20 MW SPV Plant, GACL, Charanka, Gujarat


Procurement of Instruments and Up-gradation of Infrastructure for Revenue Laboratories

Global Tenders


Global Tender from Central Mine Planning & Design Institute-Requirement of Desorption Canisters compatible with Gas Measurement System etc.

Expression of Interest for Seaplane/Helicopter/Small Passenger aircraft services in A & N Islands

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for NLCIL 2X10 MW GI SPV project in South Andaman , A&N Islands

Supply, I&C and O&M of 66KV Switchyard package for 15MW (AC) Solar PV Plant

Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) manufacturers/suppliers to associate with BHEL in joint bidding for NLCIL 2x10 MW GI SPV project integrated with 28MWhr BESS tender

Request for Quotation.


Invitation of bids from International Academic Institutions for setting up of National Centre of Excellence (NCoE) for Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC)

IIMC Website

Central Procurement Portal