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State Name: Republic of India
Capital: New Delhi
Area: 3,287,590 km2
Population: 1,210,569,573 (March, 2011 est.)
Location: South Asia, the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal coast, between Burma and Pakistan is.
Language: There are 22 different languages that have been recognised by the Constitution of India, of which Hindi is an Official Language. Article 343(3) empowered Parliament to provide by law for continued use of English for official purposes.
Religion: According to the 2001 census, out of the total population of 1,028 million in the Country, Hindus constituted the majority with 80.5%, Muslims came second at 13.4%, followed by Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and others.
Currency: Rupee  
Date of Independence: August 15, 1947
National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana
Phone Code: 91
India is a world in herself - geographically distinct, culturally varied, an ancient civilisation that has over the years interacted with virtually all the world's races, creeds and ideologies, yet has preserved the unique flavour which underpins and unites the diversity that is India.